If the construction industry is going to survive and thrive, it’s vital that younger generations start looking for construction-based careers. Here are some of the ways that the industry can get proactive in construction recruitment to attract young people and secure the future health of construction in the UK.

IE:UK is the title of a new body that has been established to promote UK engineering expertise internationally. It’s a high-powered group, whose members include the heads of government trade bodies; engineering firms which take on major civil engineering jobs; and infrastructure project partners.

On bigger construction sites, you’ll find a wide array of skilled trades, labourers, technical specialists and often several subcontracted firms which are responsible for various aspects of the build. However, you’ll nearly always also find a general foreman (although this might well be a woman). General foreman jobs can be challenging but are always involving and interesting.

13 May 2018 08:57 AM

A senior estimator who can accurately predict the costs of running a construction project is a major asset when companies are seeking to get a major new building or refurbishment completed. Senior estimator jobs are also sometimes described as cost engineer roles.

So you’ve been called for an interview for one of those civil engineering jobs you were after. Your potential employer will want evidence that you have the right technological knowledge, engineering skills and personality to ensure that you will be the right fit for the company. But just how do you put across the right image and demonstrate your knowledge during an interview process that can be stressful to say the very least?

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