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A Quantity Surveyor oversees construction jobs, managing risks and controlling costs. Every construction project requires a Surveyor to ensure the works are carried out correctly in a controlled and risk-free environment. 

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The name Quantity Surveyor is derived from the original need for the profession to prepare the bill of quantities from plans, describing the material, items of work and the quantities needed. The word quantity implies amount, numbers, extent, mass, size, magnitude or measure. Surveyor denotes inspector, examiner, reviewer, evaluator or assessor.

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In principle, the difference between project management and construction management is the difference between planning and execution, but reality is not always so neat and tidy.


Every construction project, from skyscrapers and factories to offices and houses, needs someone on-site whose role it is to ensure works are completed on time and within budget. The importance of every construction project manager cannot be overstated, as it is their job to oversee day-to-day operations from the beginning of a project right through until its successful conclusion.

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A site manager has an integral role to play in all construction projects, with a wide range of roles and responsibilities.

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Discover the requirements and the subsequent rewards for being a construction site manager in this helpful blog post.

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